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Basingstoke - 01256 350253

The Suntan Shop is at the heart of the tanning culture offering the latest in UV tanning equipment, tanning accelerator lotions and the revolutionary UV free Spray Tan technology all in a professional, fun, friendly and relaxing atmosphere. We do not take appointments for sunbeds, just turn up and tan. However with the Sun Angel and Spray Tan it is advisable to book.


We believe deeply in our customer philosophy which is why upon entering one of our shops you will be greeted by a fully trained tanning consultant in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The tanning consultant will take you through a detailed skin type consultation to ascertain your skin type and explain the tanning process. A tour of the salon and our facilities will follow.  


We will then recommend a suitable tanning course and recommend a quality tanning accelerator lotion. From here we will show you how to operate the sunbed and your session will begin. In all our sunbeds we provide a variety of free condiments such as eye protection, make up remover, deodorant and post tanning skin moisturiser, enabling you to continue your day looking good and feeling great! This initial visit will take around 15 minutes to complete but will give you, the customer, peace of mind in choosing 'The Suntan Shop'.

For the TAN of your life...

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