At The Suntan Shop we pride ourselves in having the most up-to-date, cutting edge technology in our tanning equipments and that's why we are constantly upgrading each of our salons to include the best in tanning technology.

Find out about the tanning equipment we use at The Suntan Shop below:

Ergoline Prestige 990 Features:

  • Superb tan conjured from 52 Lamps 4 Facial Tanners & 2 Shoulder tanners
  • Ultra Performance Plus Facial Tanners
  • Mood Lights
  • Multi Relax Base Acrylic
  • Comfort Cooling
  • MP3 Dock
  • 3D – Sound System with sub-woofer
  • Auto Volume
  • Voice Guide

Ergoline 1600 Hybrid Featues:

  • Luxury Hybrid light technology
  • Bluetooth connect
  • Aqua Fresh & Aroma
  • Personal Sunstyle

Ergoline Essence 440 Smart Power

  • 44 x 200W
  • Smart Power 2 metre lamps
  • Voice Guide and Stereo Sound
  • Superb vertical tanning experience