Tanning accelerator lotions are essential in achieving a darker, deeper, longer lasting tan. Here at The Suntan Shop we stock the world’s leading range of lotions from Devoted Creations and Australian Gold. All our lotions are designed to:

  1. Maximise and intensify tanning results
  2. Accelerate the appearance of a beautiful tan
  3. Replenish the skin with essential vitamins and minerals
  4. Extend the life of a tan with essential moisture
  5. Help to minimise the signs of ageing, drying and flaking
  6. Help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

The idea of a tanning lotion is to surround your skin with the most natural ingredients to help it become as healthy as possible, so that natural things can happen inside your body – ensuring you achieve the darkest tan possible!

Indoor tanning is no different from outdoor tanning, in that you must feed your skin to achieve the best and safest results. By keeping the skin moisturised and replacing the vital nutrients and vitamins you can reduce the amount of wrinkles the sun can give you by upto 90%. And at the same time you will accelerate your tan by upto 50% with the fast action ingredients contained within our tanning lotions.